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Sidewalk Scenes: Installment Four

Tuesday nights are trash night!


This grill has a grill! Is there anything more special than a grill entangled with a cage?


Why yes, that is a Keystone beer with feet and one arm. Does this marketing tactic actually work?

Sidewalk Scenes: Installment Three


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22nd Connecticut Gay & Lesbian Film Festival

May 22-30, 2009 at Cinestudio, the CT Gay & Lesbian Film Festival returns to Hartford. And really, how can anyone resist seeing a nine minute film called Shafted with this as the description:

When femme lesbian Lyndsay finds that her butch ex took all of their sex toys she will do whatever it takes to seek justice.

For the full schedule of films, see the official website.

Random Spring Photo Post

This is just a gratuitous photo blog post.
Pictured here are the gardens of two Hartford bloggers. One knows what she is doing. The other grows dirt, apparently.
This sign could use some freshening up.
This is not my beautiful tree.
And this is not my beautiful house.